Monday, November 30, 2015

Conference Topics

The conference is open to university academics, entrepreneurs,  Business and SME owners, policy-makers, financial institutions, government agencies, consultants and practitioners from all over the world. An abstract or full paper may be submitted in one of the following areas:
•  Challenges and opportunities for Business, SMEs in GMS, East Asian/Global Economic Recovery
•  Case studies of SME developments in Business, GMS, East Asian and Global Economies
•  Economic restructuring: How does it affect Business and SMEs
•  Economics (any filed)
•  Financing of Business and Business and SMEs, including roles and experiences of venture capitalists and Business and SMEs
•  Technologies and innovation of Business and SMEs
•  Application of research and development by regional Business and SMEs
•  Business and SMEs’ Networking and dissemination of information
•  Government policies
•  Electronic commerce and information technology
•  Franchising, family business, retailing and specialized business
•  Human resource development
•  Business ethics, culture and performance of Business and SMEs
•  Business and SME contribution to trade and investment
•  Entrepreneurship research and development
•  Gender entrepreneurship
•  Entrepreneurship education
•  Issues on Research and Consultancy for SMEs
•  Specialized entrepreneurship (technopreneur, cyberpreneur, agripreneur etc.)
•  Entrepreneurial motivation and behaviours
•  Entrepreneurial training
•  Export issues
•  Ecotourism and
•  other related areas in Business, SMEs and Entrepreneurship

Kindly note that, if you feel your contribution does not fit into any of the above categories, you are welcome to make your submission in the last listed category. 

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  1. Topics are quite common and should be discussed in the conference and i just hope they conclude something useful and good for the sake of people, which will result in something good.